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Do You Need Reconstructive Dentistry?

Reconstructive Dentistry | Dental Remedies
March 6, 2020
There are a number of reasons why you may have elements of your smile that you are unhappy with. Decay, damage, tooth loss and genetics can all impact the way your smile looks and functions. No matter what led to your damaged smile, there are options for restoring it to a place where it looks. 0

Tips for Choosing a Dentist in St. Augustine for Your Children

Childrens Dentist St. Augustine, FL | Dental Remedies
March 3, 2020
Routine dental care is important in all stages of life but childhood is arguably the most important time to get started with proper dental care. Getting your children in the habit of seeing the dentist at least twice per year can establish a healthy, life-long practice of proper oral care. It can also help normalize. 0

4 Signs That Your Child is Experiencing a Dental Emergency

Children's Dentistry | Dental Remedies
February 28, 2020
Watching your child experience pain is an excruciating part of being a parent. One of the worst – and unfortunately one of the most common – types of pain is tooth pain. Children are active and growing which means that there will likely be situations where they injure their teeth or develop a toothache. If. 0

The Long-Term Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry | Dental Remedies
February 25, 2020
If you want to have a healthy and bright smile, you need to be consistent with your oral care routine. An essential part of a good oral care routine is preventative dentistry. The reality is that no matter how much or how well you brush there will be things that you miss. Everyone is at. 0



Healthcare has always been a passion of Dr. Shanta Singh’s. A lover of technology, education and fitness, Dr. Singh realized from an early age that her true calling lay in the field of dentistry.

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