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Teaching your children the importance of excellent oral hygiene from an early age is one of the greatest gifts you can give! Good oral hygiene habits can last a lifetime if they are instilled early on. Proper and consistent oral hygiene will help your children have a healthy beautiful smile throughout their lifetime. Quality oral care will also help protect against decay, gum disease and a number of associated health risks. If you are convinced of the benefits of early dental care, it is time to choose a pediatric dentist for your child in St. Augustine, FL.

Why go with a dentist who offers pediatric services?

As mentioned above, the oral care habits that your child develops now can follow him or her throughout life. The same goes for your child’s opinion and feelings about the dentist. A good experience at the dentist throughout childhood can make your child much more likely to continue on with routine dental care into adulthood. A dentist who regularly works with children will understand the unique needs that the younger patients bring into the office. It is not necessary to find a dentist is St. Augustine, FL who deals exclusively with children but it is important to choose one who is committed to working with children on a regular basis.

What elements to consider as you look for a pediatric dentist in St. Augustine, FL

The first element to consider as you try to choose a dentist for your children is office location. The dentist you choose for your children should be close enough that it is easy to get to routine appointments and emergency visits if necessary. If you live in St. Augustine or the immediate area, start your search close to home. Other important elements to consider are the experience level of the dentist, the environment of the office, and the needs of your child. An online search and phone call can provide you with information about the experience of each dentist you are considering. In order to get a true understanding of the dental office you will likely need to make an in-person visit. The needs of your child are something you will consider at every step in the search and decision-making process.

As a parent, you want the best for your child in every area of life. Proper oral hygiene – which includes going to preventative dental appointments – is something that will benefit your child at every stage of life. You can help instill the habit of going to the dentist and the value of maintaining oral health starting now. The dentist that you choose for your children will significantly impact their present experience and future actions when it comes to caring for their teeth.


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Routine dental care is important in all stages of life but childhood is arguably the most important time to get started with proper dental care. Getting your children in the habit of seeing the dentist at least twice per year can establish a healthy, life-long practice of proper oral care. It can also help normalize dental care and prevent your children from experiencing some of the dental anxiety that can occur in adulthood. In addition, routine dental care starting young will allow your child’s dentist to identify potential problems and correct them before they worsen over time. If you are looking for a dentist in St. Augustine for your children, there are a few things to consider to help you with your decision.

Consider location

The location of your child’s dentist is important. If you live in St. Augustine, or close by, then choose a dentist located in St. Augustine. Neither you nor your children will want to take a long road trip every time they need to go to the dentist. Choosing a convenient location will also be helpful if your child ever has a dental emergency that needs quick attention.

Think about the needs of your child

Another factor to consider is the types of services your child will need. All dentists go through a basic level of training but they do not always offer all of the same services. Explore the list of services that the dentists you are considering have to offer. If you do not see a service that you think your child will need, call and ask about it. It is better to determine now if the dentist offers what your child needs than to get established as a patient and have to switch later.

Look at the environment in the office

The environment in the dentist’s office is another factor that you should take into consideration. You want your child to feel comfortable and welcome when he or she goes to the dentist. This initial impression can impact how the entire dental visit goes. Don’t be afraid to go and look at the dental offices you are considering for your child. These early experiences in the dentist can shape your child’s life-long view on getting dental care which means every element of the experience matters.

Ask about experience

As you consider the dentists in St. Augustine, FL be sure and ask about experience. Not all dentists have or want experience working with children. Look online and call the offices of the dentists you are considering for your children and confirm that they treat young patients.

Choosing a dentist in St. Augustine for your children is a process that will take some research. The right dentist can provide your children with excellent dental care as well as a great experience. Be sure and include Dental Remedies in your search as you explore dentists for your child in St. Augustine.


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Watching your child experience pain is an excruciating part of being a parent. One of the worst – and unfortunately one of the most common – types of pain is tooth pain. Children are active and growing which means that there will likely be situations where they injure their teeth or develop a toothache. If you find yourself in a situation where your child has a dental injury or pain, your primary thought is figuring out how to stop that pain. Many parents are confused about what criteria to use to determine if a situation constitutes a dental emergency. Keep reading to learn about four signs that can indicate a dental emergency and should prompt you into action.

Severe pain

Severe dental pain can be a dental emergency. Children can be dramatic and some cry at the drop of the hat. But parents can tell when their children are experiencing real pain as opposed to simply being dramatic. If your child is experiencing dental pain that keeps him or her from sleeping, eating, or playing normally then you likely have a dental emergency on your hands. In this type of situation, it is important to get your child an appointment at the dentist as soon as possible. Be clear when you make the appointment that your child is in pain. At Dental Remedies, there is space built into the schedule to deal with dental emergencies that come up for established patients. If the pain is happening during off hours, call the emergency services line at your dentist.

Severe bleeding

The areas of your mouth including your lips, gums, and tongue can bleed a lot after an injury. Bleeding in an of itself is not always a sign of a dental emergency. However, if the bleeding is severe and continues to persist after efforts to make it stop, then your child may have a dental emergency. If you can get a good look at the injury it can help you determine if you need to reach out to your dentist or your pediatrician. A laceration in the tongue, lips, or inner cheek may require the help of a doctor. Bleeding that is related to a tooth being injured will require a dentist.

Permanent tooth knocked loose

If your child already has some permanent teeth and one of them becomes injured, you need to get in to see the dentist as soon as possible. If a permanent tooth gets knocked loose it can lead to the death of the tooth and eventually cause it to fall out. Quick intervention from the dentist may be able to save the tooth from discoloration or death.

Tooth completely knocked out

If your child has a tooth knocked out from an injury, it constitutes a dental emergency. When a permanent tooth gets knocked out it is essential that you seek professional dental care right away. You should also contact your dentist if a baby tooth that wasn’t already loose gets knocked out. In some situations, pieces of the tooth remain in the gums and can cause problems down the line.

At Dental Remedies, we understand that active kids sometimes have accidents and injure their teeth. That is why we offer emergency dental services for our young patients should a situation ever arise where your child needs dental intervention right away.

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