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There are a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can transform the look of your smile. If there are elements of your smile that you would like to change then you should seriously consider cosmetic dentistry. If you want a whiter smile, have chips or cracks in your teeth, want to reshape your teeth, or have teeth that are missing then cosmetic dentistry can help.

You want a whiter smile

Cosmetic dentistry can provide you with a whiter smile through in-office teeth whitening, veneers, or crowns. Professional teeth whitening is a quick procedure – one hour – that can whiten your teeth up to ten shades. If the discoloration of your teeth is due to surface stains then in-office whitening should be able to help. For stains that go below the surface of your teeth, porcelain veneers and crowns are both options for a whiter smile. Veneers and crowns both cover your teeth and will hide the deep stains. Consider cosmetic dentistry if you are looking for a whiter smile.

You have chips or cracks in your teeth

If you have chips or cracks in your teeth then you should consider cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers and crowns can both be used to repair or hid chips and cracks. The porcelain is a strong material that can be used in areas where your teeth have been damaged.

You want to reshape your teeth

You can use cosmetic dentistry procedures such as porcelain veneers and crowns to reshape your teeth. These cosmetic dentistry options are customized for your mouth and needs. This means that they can be shaped in a way that makes your smile more aesthetically appealing. If you have a gap or gaps that you want filled it, that can be done with the help of these two cosmetic dentistry procedures.

You are missing some teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is also a good option if you are missing some teeth. Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are all tooth replacement options that will not only improve the look of your smile but also restore function. Each of these options will allow you to smile and eat comfortably once again. If you are missing one or several teeth, consider the option of cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile.

Many people live with elements of their smile they would like to change. If that is you, take some time to seriously consider cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of options from quick and minimally invasive – such as professional teeth whitening – to major dental work – such as dental implants. No matter what element of your smile you would like to change, there is probably a cosmetic dental procedure that can help. You can learn more about cosmetic dentistry on the Dental Remedies blog.


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Teeth can become damaged in a number of different ways. Age, illness, neglect, injury, and lifestyle choices (such as smoking), can all lead to damaged teeth. You may feel like your teeth are at the point of no return but there are a number of cosmetic dentistry options that can provide hope even for badly damaged teeth.

Professional whitening

Professional teeth whitening can make a dramatic difference for discolored teeth. Layers of surface stains can build up on your teeth over time from the things you eat and drink. Some people feel like their teeth are too stained to whiten but discover that professional whitening can make a huge difference. In as little as one hour you can have your teeth whitened up to ten shades with professional whitening. This quick cosmetic dental procedure can make a big difference in the way your teeth look – even if they are badly discolored.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers can be used to cover and repair a number of dental issues. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that can be permanently fixed to the surface of your teeth. Some types of discoloration do not respond to surface whitening efforts. Medication, injury, and habits like smoking can cause stains that are below the surface. In these situations, covering the stains with porcelain veneers is one of the ways that you can get the white smile you want. Porcelain veneers can also fix chips, cover cracks, reshape your teeth, and fill in gaps.

Porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns are made from the same material as veneers but they are designed to completely encapsulate each tooth. Crowns can be used to cover teeth that are damaged or discolored. Crowns can help repair badly damaged teeth and allow you to eat comfortably and smile regularly once again.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. If any of your teeth are so badly damaged that they cannot be repaired then dental implants may be a good option. Implants are placed directly into the bone of your teeth. Over time, the implant and the bone fuse together to create a strong root-like structure. Once an implant is placed, you can treat it like your natural teeth. If you have badly damaged teeth, dental implants can provide you with both the form and function you lost from the damage.


Dentures are an option for you if you are missing several or all of your teeth. A set of well-designed and well-fitting dentures will allow you to live your life normally once again. Badly damaged teeth can cause pain, self-consciousness, and make it difficult to eat. Dentures are a potential solution for all of those issues if the teeth cannot be saved.

Ultimately, you are not going to know what can be done for your badly damaged teeth until you schedule an appointment with your dentist. A dentist who offers cosmetic dentistry can help fix a wide range of dental problems.



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Have you noticed that your teeth are not looking as white as you want? Do you find yourself smiling without showing your teeth because you are embarrassed by the discoloration of your teeth? If so, you are not alone. Surface stains and discoloration are common among adults. Drinks like coffee, wine, and sodas as well as some types of food can lead to surface stains on your teeth. Brushing regularly can help but it is not always enough to keep all of the stains away. If you find yourself wanting whiter teeth you may be exploring options for whitening. Two broad categories for teeth whitening are at-home whitening and in-office whitening. In-office whitening is more expensive than in-home options. Is in-office teeth whitening worth the extra cost? In order to determine which option you think is worth the cost, you need to learn what to expect from each.

Results you can expect from at-home teeth whitening

At-home teeth whitening includes options such as whitening strips, toothpaste, mouthwash, and gel. Each of these options has the potential to provide you with some results. If the stains on your teeth are on the surface, in-home whitening can gradually remove some of those stains. The process will take time and consistency. The results you see will most likely be gradual. If you want an inexpensive way to get your teeth a little bit whiter then at-home whitening is a good place to start.

Results you can expect from in-office teeth whitening

The results you can expect from in-office teeth whitening will be much more dramatic than those you will get from in-home options. In as little as 60 minutes you can have your teeth whitened by up to 10 shades with in-office teeth whitening. You will walk out of the office and see immediate and dramatic results. The speed and quality of the results you can get from in-office whitening makes it a choice that is worth the cost to many patients.

How to decide which teeth whitening option is right for you

The teeth whitening option that is best for you depends on the results you want and the level of your stains. In-home options are going to provide you with gradual results. It will take time for you to determine if your in-home efforts are making a difference. In-office whitening provides immediate results by getting rid of up to 10 layers of surface stains. If you want quick and dramatic results then in-office whitening is the best option for you.

In-office teeth whitening is a more expensive option than trying to whiten your teeth at home. But it is also the quickest and most effective of the two. If you are considering in-office teeth whitening, you can schedule a consultation at Dental Remedies to determine if it is a good choice for you and discuss pricing.


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Whitening your teeth is one of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your smile. Wanting whiter teeth is common because there are so many elements of daily life that can lead to surface stains and even deep discoloration. Surface stains can be caused by everyday items like coffee, soda, and even healthy foods like berries. These stains are on the surface which means they will potentially respond to surface stain removal efforts. Other types of discoloration go below the surface of your teeth and must be addressed differently than surface stains. If you have surface stains that you want to remove from your teeth the two main whitening options are in-home and in-office whitening. Both options have their place and can provide you with results. The types of results you can expect will vary dramatically though. Keep reading to learn about the results you can expect from each option and then decide which one is right for you.

Results you can expect from in-home whitening

In-home teeth whitening includes options such as whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, strips, trays, and paint-on gel. Each of these options can offer some level of results. Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are used on a daily basis and can gradual whiten your teeth over time. You will not see immediate results but may notice a difference with consistent use. You may also find that whitening toothpaste and mouthwash help prevent new stains. Many people choose to use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash because they are easy to incorporate into a daily routine. Whitening strips, trays, and paint-on gel are all designed to work quickly to remove surface level stains. The results you can expect form these options will likely be more noticeable than whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. These whitening options can remove some surface stains but you should not expect to see dramatic results.

Results you can expect from professional whitening

Professional whitening is a process that is done in the dentist’s office. The results you can expect from in-office whitening are much more dramatic than you will get with the in-home options. When you choose professional teeth whitening your teeth can be whitened up to ten shades in as little as 60-minutes of treatment. You can also expect longer-lasting results when you opt for professional whitening over in-home whitening.

How to decide which option is right for you

The right whitening option for you depends on your goal for your teeth. If you want to gradually and slightly whiten your teeth then whitening toothpaste and mouthwash may be enough. If your goal is to remove as much surface stains as possible and get your whitest smile, then professional whitening is the best option.

Professional teeth whitening is a cost effective cosmetic dental procedure that can provide you with dramatically whiter teeth in a short amount of time. If you want dramatically whiter teeth, you should get your teeth whitened at the dentist. You can maximize and extend your professional whitening results with daily whitening efforts such as using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.

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