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Don’t Skip These Three Tasks if You Want to Maintain Your Oral Health

Don’t Skip These Three Tasks if You Want to Maintain Your Oral Health | Dental Remedies
September 10, 2020

When it comes to maintaining your oral health, the steps are pretty straightforward. In fact, you probably already know that it is important to go to routine dental appointments, brush twice daily, and floss at least once per day. The reality is that most adults understand the basics that are required to maintain good oral health. However, there are adults every day who face issues with their teeth and gums because of inadequate oral hygiene. If everyone knows what to do then why are there still so many oral health problems? It is hard to say exactly why some people know what they need to do for their oral health but do not follow through. Tired? Forgetful? Unconcerned? Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in a rut when it comes to keeping up with your oral health, take some time to read through the following list of tasks as a refresher on the most important elements of caring for your teeth and gums.

Routine Dental Appointments

There will never be enough said about the importance of routine dental visits. Yes, they only happen twice per year. And, yes, there are a lot of people who leave their routine dental visit with freshly cleaned teeth and a clean ‘bill of health’. If you do not typically have any problems discovered during routine appointments it may leave you questioning the value of going. Skipping out on your routine dental appointments can quickly lead to oral problems. For example, any tartar buildup on your teeth is removed during your routine dental appointments. Tartar is stubborn and cannot be removed with brushing – it has to be scraped off. If you skip a routine appointment you miss out on that tartar removal which can lead to gum issues and decay. Going to your routine dental appointments are an important part of maintaining your good oral health.


Brushing twice per day is the standard recommendation for maintaining your oral health. Why? Because brushing regularly helps remove food particles and bacteria that can cause issues from the surface of your teeth. If you skip brushing it allows those particles and bacteria to remain on your teeth and potentially cause harm in the form of decay and gum disease. The need to brush your teeth is a fact of life that cannot be avoided if you want to have good oral health.


If you have the goal to maintain your oral health, do not skip out on flossing. Flossing gets to areas of your mouth that brushing simply cannot reach. In between teeth and at the gumline are two areas where issues commonly occur. Flossing can remove stubborn food particles and bacteria in those areas and help prevent decay and gum disease.

You know the most important steps required to maintain your oral health. Go to the dentist regularly. Brush your teeth twice a day. Floss daily. The knowledge is there and all that is required now is for you to act on that knowledge consistently. If you are looking for a place in St. Augustine to get in your routine dental visits, schedule an appointment with Dr. Singh at Dental Remedies. 0

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