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How Often Do Adults Need to Visit the Dentist?

How Often Do Adults Need to Visit the Dentist?
March 27, 2020

The fast pace of modern life means that most people have a list of things to do each day that never quite seems to get completed. Adding anything else to your schedule – like dental appointments – can feel impossible. How can you add something to your schedule when you can barely keep up with all of the things that are already on it? At Dental Remedies, we understand the demands that come with living a full life. But the reality is that, while skipping out on a dental appointment may seem to save time today, it will ultimately cost you more time in the future. There are three main types of dental visits that you may need to squeeze into your schedule: preventative, reconstructive, and emergency dental visits.

Preventative dental visits

We recommend that adults schedule and got to a preventative dental visit twice per year. During these visits you will have your teeth cleaned and examined for signs of problems. Dental issues like decay and gum disease can be caught during these appointments and addressed before they progress to big issues. These visits are important for everyone – even if you take excellent care of your teeth. Tartar can build up even when you brush and floss as recommended. Decay can occur even if you are diligent about caring for your oral health. Preventative dental visits also give your dentist a baseline for your oral health and if anything changes in the future it will be simple to track those changes. It may be difficult to fit a dental appointment into your schedule every six months but preventative care is an essential part of proper oral care.

Reconstructive dental visits

Reconstructive dental visits are those in which you get treatment for any problems you are having with your teeth. If decay is found during one of your preventative visits the next step is to schedule a reconstructive dental appointment. Other work such as root canals, extractions, and dental implants are all part of reconstructive dentistry. The frequency of these appointments is completely dependent upon the type and amount of work you need completed.

Emergency dental visits

Emergency dental visits are impossible to predict because you cannot schedule in an emergency. If you chip, crack, or lose a tooth it is a dental emergency that likely requires the help of your dentist. A severe toothache can also qualify as a dental emergency if it is preventing you from eating, sleeping, and functioning normally. If you are consistent with your oral care and preventative visits you can significantly reduce your chances of having a dental emergency because of decay.

Every adult needs to visit the dentist at least twice per year for preventative dental care. It is possible that you will need additional dental care throughout the year but there is no way to predict the frequency of those visits because they are dependent upon problems that you may encounter with your teeth. Ultimately, the best way to minimize the time you spend at the dentist is to be sure and go to the recommended preventative dental appointments. 0

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