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Dental Procedures that Impact Both the Look and Function of Your Teeth

Dental Procedures that Impact Both the Look and Function of Your Teeth | Dental Remedies
January 5, 2021

There are some elements of dental care that are all about function. Other dental procedures are concerned primarily with aesthetics. And, there are some dental procedures that impact both the look and function of your teeth. Examples of these procedures include esthetic bonding, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental implants. If you are having issues with your teeth you may have options available that not only fix the problem related to function but also give you a smile that looks great. 

Esthetic bonding

Esthetic bonding is the process of using a tooth-colored composite resin to fix cosmetic damage and address decay. The resin is bonded to your teeth and can be used to fix some types of chips and cracks. In addition, the tooth-colored composite can be used to fix decay and other types of dental disfigurements that can impact function. You may be able to use esthetic bonding to fix issues that would otherwise be addressed using more invasive dental procedures. Esthetic bonding is a quick, minimally invasive, and affordable way to improve both the look and function of your teeth. 

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your natural teeth. Veneers can improve the look of your teeth by covering deep discoloration, reshaping your teeth, and filling in gaps. Veneers can also impact the function of your teeth by fixing chips that can make it difficult for you to eat or – if the chip causes your tooth to have a sharp point – make it hazardous for you to do normal things like talk. Your dentist can customize porcelain veneers so they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  

Porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns can be used to reshape your teeth and cover deep stains. These uses for crowns can transform the way that your smile looks. Crowns can also be used to restore function to teeth that are decayed or otherwise damaged. Porcelain crowns are typically the best option when the repair and/or damage is serious. Otherwise, esthetic bonding or veneers are good options. 

Dental implants

Dental implants are a permanent option for tooth replacement. If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be a good option for tooth replacement. A post is placed into the bone of your jaw and an artificial tooth is placed on top of that post. Over time, your bone and the post fuse together to create a strong root. Getting dental implants will restore the look of your smile as well as the function you lost when you lost your teeth. 

Each of the cosmetic procedures outlined above can impact both the look and function of your teeth. You will work closely with your dentist to determine which of the options are right for you. Cosmetic dentistry has a lot to offer to anyone who wants a beautiful and functional smile. 0

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